Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat or Phat Tuesday?

So have I mentioned how I have barely moved from my new "bed," otherwise known as the couch in my living room?  Yes, I feel my butt might become permanently attached to my beautiful sofa.  After my last knee surgery (2008), I recuperated in my spare bedroom, which is on the second floor of my home.  This worked because  there was a television in this room and there was someone always around to bring me drinks and food.  I never really had to tackle the stairs.  This time, however, I have had to be on my own much more and since there is no longer a television in the spare bedroom, I've made the living room my recovery area.  My living room is also only a few steps away from the kitchen, which doesn't help a lot since I'm finding maneuvering on my crutches this time much more difficult!  So, I've pretty much just been laying on my couch watching food shows and drooling over gooey doughnuts, lasagna, and Southern comfort foods like grits and fried chicken!  I have had an epiphany during my recovery:  I must get into better shape before my next knee surgery...the knee replacement!

Seriously, today being Fat Tuesday means the beginning of the Easter season.  To me, this is like a "startover" or a "new beginning" to the year. So, for Lent this year, I pledge to give up sweets.  I also commit to getting fit  while losing 20 pounds!  I plan to blog about my progress as this will help keep me accountable.  Tomorrow (Ash Wednesday) will be Day 1!

I haven't made it into my studio yet, but I have managed to do a lot of web surfing and also make some changes to my blog layout and header.  I made my new header after downloading a freebie "cluster" from Raspberry Road Designs called, Domestic Goddess. I think it brightens up my blog.  What do you think?  In the process of these blog changes, I lost my favicon. I spent hours yesterday trying to redo it, but cannot remember how I did it and can't find any help from Blogger.  I had written myself a bunch of  blogging tricks and tips "cheat sheets," but lost all those documents when my laptop crashed a few months ago.  Any suggestions?  Any and all would be appreciated!  Oh, I added a Flickr Photostream to my blog, too.  I've been adding photos to my new Flickr account, including a few checkbook covers I made before my surgery.

Wow, a long post huh?  Oh, one last thing:  please don't forget to check out the March dresses that have been posted so far.  They are terrific!  I'm hoping to get into my studio by the weekend and start on my March dress!  I'm also behind on my bag for this month's Artful Bag Challenge!  Eek!  Don't tell!

Thanks again for all your well wishes!  I really appreciate them all!




Donnie said...

Glad you're recovering pretty well. I think your blog looks lovely. Wish I could help you with your computer stuff but the only way I can do things is with help from y friends..lol...Good luck with your weight loss challenge.

Rosemary said...

I hope that you are getting stronger and better each day.

I am on a weight loss journey (I need more time than Lent) but I know what you mean about looking at it as a do-over!

You can keep your sacrifice, I know you can and wish you lots of willpower and success!

Cyndi said...

Oh, I hear you about the weight loss stuff and I identify with your pain. I'm in the same boat...trying to lose weight, heal my bum knee, and get more exercise into my daily routine. I joined a new gym before my knee trouble...now I just need to be able to get in there and work out! Hang on, girlfriend, I know with your determination you can do it!

And I love your blog makeover. I want to do something "unique" with mine, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to make my own header or anything...so for now I'm stuck with the freebies I can find on the net!

Chat soon!



Steffi said...

Your new header looks great! As for your favicon do you still have the file for it? If so I can help you put it back on. I love doing web design work, and if you would like any help or advice on adding more things to your blog feel free to email me!

Heather said...

good luck with the exercise and the weight loss. I need to lose weight too, the arthritis doctor is completely unhappy with the weight, however it will take many, many lents to lose the amount I need to.

I do hope your knee is doing better today! Love the pictures of the checkbooks you made. i love the last one especially, it is just so adorably cute!

Asas à imaginação said...

Olá, Angela!
Hoje vou escrever em português.
Quero desejar boa recuperação para seu joelho,fique bem logo...queremos ver seu vestido e bolsa de março; gosto de ver o que você faz, é tudo tão bonito!
Eu amei este seu trabalho da postagem anterior, esta jovem "flutuando", como uma fada...tão linda!!!Eu amei!!!
Acabei de postar meu vestido de março, espero que goste!
Um grande abraço, minha amiga!

Asas à imaginação said...

Oi...esqueci de dizer que gostei muito do novo visual do seu blog...ficou mesmo muito mais iluminado!
Espero que você tenha sucesso na perda de peso...vou ler seu blog sobre o assunto, também preciso perder muitos quilos!!!

Linda M. said...

Hi Angela, I love your header. Hope you heal quickly. I don't even know what a favicon is! lol. Have a great week! Linda

busymartha said...

I love your new blog design! You wanted to know about the aprons on my bingo board, they are creative scraps by Crafty Secrets. The design is called, "Domestic Goddess", what a coincidence! Thanks for checking out my blog, Marilyn

DeeDee said...

hope you are up and off the couch soon...doing some fun things...good luck on your journey..:D

Liana said...

Hi! I LOVE the colors of your blog! So pretty!! Maybe by following you, my sewing aspirations will be reignited! I have a beautiful old Singer that my dad restored (a hobby of his), but have hardly gotten around to using it! Hope your knee is getting better!