Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Happy Tuesday!  I'm so excited that it is Tuesday and February 1st, I almost can't stand it!  Guess why?  Okay, the first reason is that Joanne, from her beautiful blog, Vintage Dragonfly, asked me to participate in Tutorial Tuesday!  Joanne hosts guest bloggers every Tuesday and today is my turn!   So, please go over and read my tutorial on creating a Journal Jacket.     While you are there, you'll be able to check out Joanne's awesome creations and read other tutorials as well!  

I was truly honored when Joanne contacted me and asked me to participate.  She is a wonderfully talented artist and I am humbled to have my work displayed alongside such gifted artists..  In celebration, I am having a giveaway!  Yay!!  Background info:  I "met" Joanne via the Bloggerette Sorority Sisters several months ago.  Coincidentally, the Sisters, specifically Debi, graciously took the helm of the sorority from our "founder," Karen, and started our own blog.  Okay, so what's all this sister talk have to do with my giveaway?  Well, the giveaway "prize" is a Journal Jacket (pictured above) I made that simply says, "Sisterhood."  

To win this jacket (book cover), just leave me a comment at the end of this post!  That's it!  I'll pick a winner randomly on Saturday, February 5th.  Oh, and please visit Vintage Dragonfly and the new Bloggerette Sorority blog!  Consider becoming a sister!

Now, for the second reason I am excited today:  It's the start of the February dress parade!  I've posted a "Simply Linked" tool for all you fashionistas to link up your dresses to your blogs!  You'll find the Simply Linked HERE.  I am so excited to see all the awesome dresses you have created using Gustav Klimt as your inspiration!
NOTE:  I've chosen to use Simply Linked for our dresses because Linky Tools has started charging for their service.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!




JoAnne said...

It is GORGEOUS Angela!!!! I am honored that you joined in on Tutorial Tuesday. It was truly my pleasure.

Sherry Edwards said...

Your book cover is STUNNING Angela! I love the distressed image transfer and the whole thing really. Loved your tutorial too.
Thanks for the chance x

debi said...

Angela, I love your beautiful book jacket, what a wonderfully, special giveaway gift!
I will put a link to your giveaway on the sorority sidebar.

Donnie said...

That is so lovely.

Pattie said...

You are amazing! Those journal covers are just gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway. 8>)

The French Bear said...

What a wonderful tutorial! Isn't the Sisterhood a fabulous idea, I loved doing the projects!!!
We are partners for the mug mat swap, I am thrilled to be making a mat for you!
I shall email you and we can chat!!!
Margaret B

Jeanie Callaghan said...

What a gorgeous jacket! I am so grateful to all of my blogging sisters who so generously share their knowledge and skill. I truly appreciate it!


Izzy said...

Gorgeous book cover! what a wonderful giveaway :)

DeeDee said...

Angeal I seen your tutorial..it si awesome... can you please help me with the transfer method...I just love it....

and being of the sisterhood...please enter me for such a lovely jacket cover please...


Liza said...

Hi Angela... thanks for the continued inspiration! I can't believe how many people have already finished their Klimpt dresses... ack! I've got to get going! Anyway, put me in the running for your give-away! I think it is gorgeous and i'll check out those other site too! take care, and I hope you got the invitation to the openhouse....! see ya

stampgram said...

I migrated over from JoAnne's vintage dragonfly site. Loved the tutorial. Your book cover is beautiful.

Asas à imaginação said...

Congratulations,Angela!Your merit!!!
Uhmmm...I like the book jacket;like your tutorial;like you!
My DressUp are in arrengements...expect!

antmee said...

Gorgeous giveaway! Journals always come in handy at my place! It is always good to have one in supply for my daughter who cant live without writing her thoughts down in a 'diary'! hugs

Barbara said...

Oh dear I hope I'm not too Late! That journal jacket is just beautiful Angela! I would be the one who is honored if I were to win it. Thanks for the chance Sista!

Hugs XX

Anonymous said...

I am guessing I am too late. I just came over from our sisterhood bloggerette society...oh well,that is me late, I feel like the rabbit down the rabbit hole! :D It is a beautiful book jacket anyway:D
Congrats to whomever the winner was/is.
Hugs from your sister,
Beth P