Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogiversary or Blog Birthday? It's MINE!

Is is Blogiversary or BlogBirthday?  Whichever, it's MINE!  Actually, my one year blog birthday or blog anniversary was Saturday..  Can you believe it?!  It's been a wild and crazy year.  I've learned so much and  "met" so many fantabulous people!  I know this second year will bring even more fun and new, exciting artistic endeavors await!

You might remember, my Try Harder #6 was to open my Etsy store to coincide with my anniversary date, but, alas, I'm a little behind schedule...such is a common theme in my life.  So, I haven't opened my store yet, but I have been working on a bit of an inventory.  What do you think:

I know there are a ton of handmade purse-type items and sellers on Etsy, but I think there is room for one more.  Right?  The above is actually a checkbook cover and a matching coin purse.  Would you buy these?  Come on, be honest.  I would.

I've been working on more inventory items, to include more checkbook covers, purses, pouches, and bags.  I've also been working on ATCs, the artist inspiration for March Dress Up, and my Mug Mat.  I've actually finished my mat and it's on it's way to my swap partner.  Once Margaret at The French Bear receives it, she will post a photo as I will when I receive her's.  It was first real quilting project and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I can't wait to receive a mat from Margaret.  Her blog is just gorgeous.  You should click over and check it out!

Have a super Valentine's Day and a great week everyone!  I'll talk to you soon.



Cyndi said...

Happy Blogiversary or Blogbirthday, or both! :o) Wow, a year goes by quickly, doesn't it? Your blog has come a long way and it's so cool...keep up the great job!

Yeah, I love your checkbook cover and the coin purse (I have some of that fabric!) and would definitely buy them. Good luck with the Etsy shop, my friend!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, too!



Donnie said...

Happy Blogasomething or other. I buy my small wallets on Etsy since I carry my life in my pockets. I'm not a pocketbook person so I know they sell. Happy Valentine'say too.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Angela, happy Valentine's Day..Thanks so much for stopping by my Pink Saturday blog, I am a bit behind..
And yes, I would buy the checkbook cover and coin purse, so cute!


Linda said...

Happy blogversary!! Yoour cover and coin purse are very cute...I would buy them! I sell bags on Etsy too! There's a lot of bags out there, but they are all so come and join us!! It's fun!!

Heather said...

Happy Valentine's Day and blogiversary or birthday whichever you prefer!!! How exciting! A year!!!!! how cool is that? Anyways, I hope today is an amazing day for you!!!! By the way, you patterns will be in the mail this week! I have the box and everything!

JoAnne said...

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Blogiversary Angela!
I predict your etsy shop will be just as successful as your blog. You do beautiful work!



1 ANO DE DIVERSÃO para voce.. e de felicidade para nós.

e agradeço a felicidade seu Blog com desafio DRESSUP me proporcinou...
a festa é sua mas a comemoração é nossa!

e Sucesso em 2011 para sua loja!

Sammy said...

happy blogiversary. Lots of luck.

Samya :-)

The French Bear said...

Angela, I know you will be a success, I love what you have made so far!!!! I hope you have your mug mat by now! I sent it express post so they better have got it there fast...I am so excited to see yours...have you made any more..I want to do at least a dozen more, they are addictive!
Congratulations on your blog anniversary!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary. I love the coin purse and would buy it for sure.. Hope you get your etsy shop going soon. I love etsy and I love your blog which I found just today. so next year at this time it will be "our" blogiversary. haa haa.

Liza said...

Great Going Angela... you are an inspiration to me! I hope your valentine's day was nice and that you are enjoying this fantastic weather! Keep up the great work, you 've got a great eye for color and composition.

Bonnie said...

Hey Angela
Happy bloiversary!

I love your purse and matching cheque book holder, I would buy them! Can't wait to see your shop!

Antonella said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! I love your checkbook cover and coin purse - the pattern on the fabric is gorgeous!!

Best of luck with your Etsy venture... I keep saying I am going to take the plunge, but... you understand!

Hugs, antonella :-)

Asas à imaginação said...

Congratulations,my dear friend!
Good luck for you,for your blog,for your Etsy Shop!
I loved this checkbook and the coin gracious!
Special hug!!!