Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Show a Little Blogger Love

You blogger ladies out there probably remember when you first started blogging and wondered, "Is anyone out there?"  "Are you reading what I write?"  For most of us, it takes awhile to "get established" as a blogger.  Do you remember the first comments and emails you got after you started blogging?  They made you feel good didn't they? This all said, I'd love love for you to visit Liza at her brand spanking new blog called, Mackomics Studio!  I met Liza a few months ago at an art show.  You might remember I bought this awesome card:

By the way, I kept this card for myself!  Liza also participates in Dress Up 2011.  Her January dress was amazing.  I can't wait to see what she does with Klimt for February's dress!

To celebrate her new blog and Etsy Shop, Liza is having a super giveaway!  Just head over to her Blog and leave her a comment for a chance to win one of the fabulous items she has in her shop.  It would be great if you became a follower, too!  Here's a little teaser of what you could win:

 Aren't they awesome!!!  Hurry over to Liza's now because her giveaway ends Friday night!  Just in time for Valentine's Day!!

Thanks everybody.  Let's show Liza a some love from her fellow awesome blogger artists!




Liza said...

So much LOVE! you are the best Angela! great talking with you tonight... cross your fingers that you're a winner... btw... you didn't say what you wanted! ciao

Donnie said...

I'll have to go visit. I always like to make new bloggy friends.

Tucker said...

she has a great site!!! you are right! NOT SURE WHERE TO POST, HOWEVER. So I didn't. Love ya!!!!

Cyndi said...

Oh yeah...I remember those early blogging days. I blogged for two years before I had my first follower! :o( I'll head on over to say hi now!



busymartha said...

Hi Angela, i am your ATC swap partner for February. Could you please email me your address, thanks Marilyn