Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Flea Market Finds...Finally

It seems like forever since I posted some Flea Market Friday stuff!  So, here are some of my recent treasured finds:

 Aren't these terrific?!  A few weeks ago I found the Summer and Fall Simplicity catalogs from 1969!  They are full of fabulous photos and illustrations of fashions from that year.  (The photo I took of the Summer catalog would not post...for some unknown reason, it wouldn't appear right-side up??).  

Have a look at these vintage goodies:

These items were actually given to me by a friend who was cleaning out his mother's home.  It is mostly a bunch of vintage maps and several books of "green stamps."  I wonder if they are still worth anything??  I doubt it, but they are fun and bring back memories of my childhood.  The book of Value Stamps pictured above is from 1966.  No, I wasn't even born yet, but I do remember my mother collecting stamps in the early 1970s in turn in for dinnerware at the grocery store!

Have a great weekend everyone!




Donnie said...

It's a shame your friends mother didn't turn the stamp books in-they were like money. I love the clothes from the 60's. they were simple and cut to flatter your shape.

voodoo vixen said...

Yikes... those look like patterns my Mom used to make my dresses! Does this make me vintage as opposed to old? ;)
I can so remember licking pages of green stamps and filling the books up... urgh!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am glad to read you are back in business and haven't missed that much in the way of pictures. I never saw a green stamp or any of those stamps until a blogging friend sent me a few awhile back. I'm totally impressed with the patterns, though. Although I don't really remember that era, I like that style. You are single-handedly bringing mid-century modern back in style.

Fran. said...

Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved doing the little purse and I am very excited to do the next one! The stamp book brings back lot's of memories of my Mom saving them! And then going to the store to get the stuff from them! I think they would make kinda a cool background for an ATC or tag. Also pretty cool pattern book you got!! Take care, XO Fran.

Fabric Art said...

Oh Angela you have found wonderful things on the flea market, love these old patterns.

Rosemary said...

I recognize some of these patterns as well. In fact, my mom worked in a sewing store (THOSE are few and far between these days) and used to let me cut paper dolls from the "retired" books - I should have saved them! LOL

Love the store stamps too - yes, we saved them and got glasses and all sorts of things with them! Nice finds and an even nicer walk down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

Don't know how many 'Green Stamps' you have, but they can still be redeemed. Go here for more info:

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, I love those patterns!!!

Sammy said...

these are beautiful finds. Oh my, I have to tell you, these patterns made me all warm and fuzzy. Mind you I feel really stressed out watching all what is happening in Egypt. seeing the chaos in the streets of Alexandria, my hometown make me very sad. I walked those same streets with my friends laughing and giggling at better times. I am so proud of the the Egyptian people, at last they decided to carve their destiny.
One day soon you can visit, we have a say in Egypt, which is " If anyone come for a visit, and drank from the Nile, for sure they are destined to come back for a second visit" I tried to translated from arabic to English.
God bless all of us, and keep the Egyptians safe tomorrow.

Lots of love,

-Samya :-)

Margaret said...

Great finds!! what treasures just waiting to be used, I love things like this, can't wait to see them in your art!! Mx

Lynn said...

These are lovely Angela. I must respond with a post on my blog as I also collect such items. In fact it ties in nicely with the A to Z photography challenge I am doing at present. Off to photograph and blog! Thanks for the inspiration. Will pop back with a link later. These all bring back memories including the stamps.

Lynn said...

Here it is.
Thanks for looking and for the inspiration too. x