Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ocean Inspired Fabric and Quilt Blocks

I'm so thrilled to have received my Ocean Waves Batiks fat quarters a few days ago!  I fell in love, again, with the collection after opening the package.  They are beautiful!  I've been searching the internet and books, including 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone, for a quilt pattern using these fabrics.  I want to use a block design that makes the fabric appear to be a wave.  I came across the Snail's Trail and the Journey to California blocks. 

Snail's Trail Block from
The blocks look very similar.  I think they look pretty "wave-like," but if I could only use the "top" of the block.  Hmmm.  Here is what I've come up with:

I've been cutting up my scraps for several days so I had a bunch right in front of me to experiment with.  I used 8 blue squares and 2 off-white squares plus 5 half square triangles.  The block that ends the wave was the hardest for me to figure out.  I haven't made anything like this square before.  Here is my sketch on graph paper (drawing on graph paper makes me a real quilter now huh?):

I'm not sure what this "special" square is called, or even if it a real design.  Basically, it's a blue triangle sewed to two smaller, one blue and one off-white, triangles.  I decided on a 16 patch block.  It measures at 14 inches completed.  I think I'll stick with this size, but now I need to decide the design for the overall quilt. I have 12 batik fat quarters to work with and have purchased a white on white solid to use as well.  Any ideas?  

I mentioned earlier that I have been cutting up my scraps for the past several days.  I started this project while cleaning up and cleaning out my sewing room, AKA my studio.  My fabric stash was so disorganized!  I'm not nearly finished, but I did come across some fabric I forgot I had.  Before I knew what a charm pack was, a friend gave me one.  It is called, Wildflower Serenade.  It's from Moda.  I decided to use up these charms to make a table topper for my friend who gave me the fabric.

I made the center heart applique using cut up charms and fusible web.  I "quilted" the heart with off-white thread.  I quilted the rest of the piece with clear thread.  I had several four patches leftover, so I made a hooped wall hanging to match.  I bought the wooden hoop for $1.00!  

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer!  I have several sewing projects in the works, including a couple of vintage dresses for my oldest daughter, a blouse for me, and more skirts for my littlest daughter.  I'm also going to tackle a baby Jon Jon for my cousin's newest little one!  I cannot wait to start on my Waves Quilt!  I am thinking that project will go to the top of my list! 


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Heather and Kathy said...

Love the new design and color! Have a fun time sewing for you and the girls as well as the little one!


Linda said...

Love that fabric..can't wait to see the design are way ahead of me in the quilting area...I started a table topper...and it is taking me so first "real" took forever to cut everything out...I can't imagine how long a big quilt takes! Love your other designs too! have a great evening!!

Theodora quilts said...

Angela you are a real quilter now ,you are making some real pretty projects ,enjoy your batik fabrics.

Corrine at said...

God love ya, they look great. I would no more have the patience or the desire. You would see me ripping my hair out - I can't wait to see this quilt done, I love the fabrics. xox

Cyndi said...

Hey Angi! Wow, you are really humming along, girlfriend! You are waaaay ahead of me...I haven't designed anything yet! LOL! Probably won't, either, since I have no sense of design in that area and I hate math! :o\ I really love your waves design...that's going to be a very striking quilt. And your little quilted heart wall hangings are adorable!

I'm on vacation in Florida...will write you when I get back!



DeeDee said...

Wow... I love the wave pattern... and your lil quilt too. I picked up my third quilt block of the month... lol. I am really moving right along NOT!! I am not good at this quilting stuff... I need lessons somewhere... yours all look greatquilter lady..

HeathersSphere said...

That is so beautiful, Angela! The colors and design are marvelous.