Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The "Curse" is a Hit!

Ok, so I finished the "Curse" prototype last weekend.  Basically it is an iPad pocket attached to the inside of a messenger bag.  The first Curse, or prototype (not shown), I made to fit the wearer vertically.  The wearer, my friend and hairdresser, Dana, said the size was perfect and she liked all the pockets, but she felt this vertical style hung a bit too long on her.  So, I tweaked a few of my measurements and turned the bag onto it's side.  Inside the Curse is the iPad pocket, which is secured with a flap and magnetic snap.  Opposite this pocket are two additional large pockets.    

Inside iPad Pocket
2 Pockets Opposite the iPad Pocket

Inside Curse

Here is Dana's feedback email:

     "Okey dokey, the maiden voyage with the curse was a huge success! The weight distributes nicely, the pouch keeps the iPad from moving around and that's great for keeping the bag from swinging around or moving while I'm walking. I was literally able to forget i was even carrying it. I like the space behind the pouch for the cords and the flap that closes the curse keeps anything from falling out so I wouldn't fix what isn't broken and tack or close it. The purse section is perfect. I go to Houston next week so I'm going to use it on the trip. I'll let you know how it travels but I can't imagine that it won't be perfect for what I need. You're a genius!"

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Dana said she loves bright colors and it turns out is crazy for polka dots!  What do you think?  I'm pleased with how it turned out...guess I need an iPad now!  If you are interested, let me know.  I will post the dimensions, etc. in case you want to make your own Curse! 

In case you were wondering about the change on my profile picture...that's actually my mom.  I was going through old photos and came across this one.  I think it's an awesome photo.  The 7th anniversary (I hate that word) of her death is in a few days.  I miss her everyday.

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P.S. I made another Kitten Party zipper bag and added it to my Etsy Shop!  I'm really please with the image transfer on this one!


Cyndi said...

Hey Angi! Love your "Curse"! That came out really well, and I really like the fabrics you used to make it. I'm sure Dana is going to be very happy with it! And I love that photo of your look so much like her! I'll be thinking of you during this rough time!

Chat soon!



Fiona said...

Your curse is pretty and practical - loving the polka dots too!

Bonnie said...

It is great! Funny enough I searched everywhere for my hubby for a ipad bag. He wanted a sling bag -or messenger bag but something "manly" not a manbag! It was hard finding anything that was remotely affordable!

Eventually I ended up making one, and he was very sweet and used it for a day or two until he got teased at work about his "man bag"-maybe it's the sling part that comes across a bit gay?

So I am at a loss. I like yours, it is so nice and greatly made.

He wanted one made from burlap with pockets and zips and lot's of "hidey holes" and for it to be quite chunky looking and "manly"..

any ideas?

Heather and Kathy said...

I love the curse. I don't have an ipad so I have no need of one right now. I hate that word too in association with our Mommas. I love the photo of your mom. I hope the next few days will be okay for you too.


DeeDee said...

I love your curse!!... and if you passing out directions please pass my way.. two of my freinds have a use for this...Great photos too.. you are sew creative are pretty as your mom...... :D

Linda said...

Love the curse! You need to add a couple of those to your Etsy shop...the kitten bag is so sweet!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

The curse is fab, what a great it keeps the ipad hidden so no one is as likely to want to pinch your computer! Good going, make scads and load them in your etsy. With leg up of course! xox Corrine