Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Makes Sewing Your Own Stuff Great?

Is it hot enough for you?  Honestly, if one more person asks me that, I might scream!  Yes, as a matter of fact, it is hot enough for me!  It is day 3 or 4 (I've lost track) of  being under an "excessive heat warning."  While earlier this summer I proved my theory that tan fat is definitely more attractive than ultra white fat, excessive sweating is not attractive in either hue!  Enough whining.  I am thankful it is summer and not winter!  

Since my last post, I've made a zippy bag using the Owl and Pussycat embroidery I completed.  I used an owl fabric for the back of the bag and a multicolored polka dot fabric for the lining.  I attached a super cute owl charm to use as a zipper pull.  I think the bag turned out pretty cute!  

Amid the cool conditioned air inside my studio, I also made up a quick bag using the fabrics I bought on vacation a few weeks ago.  I really like how the fabrics go together.  Overall I like the pattern, too.  However, I think I made the strap too long.  I do like to carry my purse across my body, like a messenger bag, but I don't think that a longer strap is suited for this particular style of bag.  So, I am going to shorten the strap and carry it just on my shoulder.  That's what so great about sewing your own bags, clothes, etc.  If you don't like it, you can alter it any which way you want!

I'm still working on my embroidery skills.  I really enjoy that actual sewing part of the projects, but I am NOT a fan of separating floss!  I guess that's part of the process!

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Stephanie said...

The greatest part of "making" my own stuff is that no one else has the same thing, which is good for me cause I don't like to share ;)

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I love bags like this, they have room to expand and are useful for so many things. I have limited sewing skills so I love to see what can be done. Your owl is sweet. xox Corrine

DeeDee said...

Hey Angela... I always love your zippy bags... and your purses to.. this new embroidery is super cute...

and always rememeber when it comes to the heat .. some where it is hope your staying cool... ;D

Jaluza Scrap said...

Angela would like to share with you a story with dresses made ​​of paper here in Brazil.
I mentioned your blog to always inspire me.

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...
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Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

Publicação Aqui no Brazil,
citamos voce Como Fonte inspiração,
grande abraço!
beijos beijos
Ana Caldatto

Emma said...

oh I love your little owls so adorable!! well done.
I too hate the separating the embroidery floss when I use it for cross sitch..and I only found out last week that one is not surposed to take the little papers of the floss, but just pull the needed length and cut and then separate! apprently it stops it getting into the huge tangled mess mine always end up in!!
Hope it cools down for you soon, unlike our british summer, it lasted for 2 months and we seem to have hit autumn already! rain and dreary skies all week.but i wouldn't be able to tolerate the heat you guys get over there!!

Sharon said...

Love your little owl and pussycat bag. Our summer has been a LOT of rain with just little peaks of sunshine. It better turn around soon!

Wipso said...

Have just found you from Artsee bloggers :-)
Some really lovely things on your blog. When I seperate embroidery floss I hold the free end between my teeth while gently pulling the end you are works for me :-)
A x

Linda said...

That little zippy bag is adorable...your bag too. I use strap adjusters sometimes when I am not sure how I want to carry the bag...they help a lot. Also...I found that for embroidery, I have benn buying the floss in a ball...DMC and Valdani make it. I like the DMC because so many colors come in different thicknesses...and the's wonderful, but a bit pricey. I know you're sick of hearing about the heat...I feel bad for you all...we are normal here...but then it's always in the low 90's this time of year...but no humidity here...stay cool!!

Wipso said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. Yes I did make my header picture. Glad you like it.
A x

Mami Made It said...

Your little zipper pouch is adorable! Love the cat and the bunting. So cute!